About Us

Coastal Specialty Services is locally owned and operated by Aaron and Alyssa Shephard. Aaron and Alyssa are both originally from the Midwest and always dreamed of moving to the Emerald Coast. Having realized that dream in 2013, Aaron and Alyssa Shephard recognized the need for trustworthy and reliable pool cleaning services in the area. With years of pool cleaning success, you can be sure your pool and spa are in the right hands!

Our Mission

To provide you with the best customer service in any industry! This is what drives us to provide you with the absolute best pool service available. You should not have to settle with pool service that is not meeting your standards. Our mission is to exceed your standards. You should never have to worry about the quality or the safety of your pool water.

Service You Can Trust

When it comes to maintaining, cleaning, treating, and servicing your pool’s mechanical equipment, we know that trust is paramount to a great long term relationship. It is for this reason we start each of our relationships with our clients by conducting a full assessment of what truly needs to be done to keep their pool and systems in tip top shape. We have heard of many service providers trying to sell their most elaborate packages to clients without first investigating the needs of the client. These needs vary widely. For your pool, it is determined by location of the pool, type of foliage growing nearby, type/condition of the water source, automated systems already in place, and how often the pool is used. At Coastal Specialty Services, we operate with a thoroughness and integrity you can trust.

A Customized Approach

Many of our clients mention how different their experience is with Coastal Specialty Services than that of other service companies from their very first visit. One of the most common comments we receive is how much time we spend to truly assess and address specific needs. We do not simply categorize pools, systems, and locations in order to get in and out quickly; we treat every client in a manner that addresses specific needs in the most economical fashion possible.

We Stand Behind our Work

When you work with Coastal Specialty Services, you are not working with a mega-corporation or even a franchise. You are working with a local company who’s owners are active members of the community in which we serve. We are very proud of the quality of work we perform. Let Aaron and Alyssa Shephard show you the pride first hand!

Coastal Specialty Services performs service in Destin, Miramar Beach, Santa Rosa Beach, Freeport, and all of 30A.

So jump in, relax, and let us do the rest for you!

Coastal Specialty Services - Pool Cleaning & Repair