Why CSS?

Many wonder why they should use a Swimming Pool Service? Lets face it, the reason people get a swimming pool is to swim. This seems simple enough but using too many chemical products, or not enough for that matter is the fastest way to make an enjoyable swim unbearable. The improper use of chemical products can lead to chemical imbalance which can create unsafe swimming conditions or over saturation which is commonly a source of a bleach-like odor, green hair, etc. Water that is not properly balanced and maintained can be very damaging to the swimming pool surface, equipment, and YOU! Disinfectant, PH, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness are the starting point of balancing your water. There are other aspects of proper balancing and chemistry that many other companies NEVER check, including phosphates and nitrates. Don’t you want to make sure that your swimming pool’s water chemistry is correct and done by professionals?

Proper filter maintenance is critical for your swimming pool. Vacuuming and removing debris from surface, along with brushing the walls and tiles, are needed to keep your swimming pool and equipment working well. After all, your home, swimming pool and spa are a large investment – Let Coastal Specialty Services protect these investments for you!

With Coastal Specialty Services, you will never have to sign a contract. We are so confident in our service that a contract is not necessary.

We are certified and insured to protect and provide you with the highest quality standards the industry has to offer.

We give you confidence in your pool’s care and peace of mind.

And you will NEVER have to wonder if your pool was serviced. We will always send you a detailed form of services performed along with a picture of your pool at the time service was performed. A sample of this email is included below:

Email us or give us a call today for your free analysis and no obligation quote at 850-461-2483 and see for yourself why our customers love us!

Let the experts at Coastal Specialty Services work for you!

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